YOU can make a difference with “Kibble to Cash!

Healthy pet food that gives cash back to your organization with EVERY bag you EVER purchase!

How it works..

It’s simple, new rescue and non-profit customers, for EVERY bag of pet food you EVER purchase, we donate $0.10 per pound back to your organization! That’s $3.00 for every 30-lb bag!

Order 60lbs & your organization receives $6 every time you order!!

Unlike other “one time only” fundraising programs, Kibble Into Cash provides ongoing financial support to your organization with every pet food purchase.

Existing customers are eligible to participate in the Kibble to Cash conversion program once new customer thresholds have been met.

Step 1:
Choose your favorite organization from the list below for $5 off your first order!

CLICK on your organization below to reveal your coupon code!

Step 2:
Place your first order and use coupon code at check out to receive $5 off!

Using the coupon will link your account to your favorite Kibble Into Cash organization on all current and future purchases!

Why Nature’s Select?

Need more Information?

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