"Our Lucy loves the Select Cold Water recipe. She is almost 9 years old and still acts like a puppy like she did the first week we got her! She still loves to play, run, jump and chase after the kids. We love our little Lucy girl."

- Paul Cavanaugh, CEO & President

Nature's Select Pet Food

Major as a puppy with Select High Protein Recipe.

"When we got Major he was so small, the runt of the litter. We put him on Nature's Select High Protein Recipe for puppies right away. 6 months later he is bigger than ever and grew into his huge paws! He is a happy, healthy dog and maintaining a healthy weight for a Labrador puppy."

-Michael Rossi

Major as an adult with his Select Classic Recipe.

"Our German Shepherd Oreo suffered from bad hip & joint problems with her old age. Nature's Select recommended their Select Plus Recipe to help since it has added Glucosamine for senior worked!"

-Becky Sanchez

                                                                                                                               "Thank You Nature's Select for such a PREMIUM PRODUCT! And also for being so pleasant to talk with on the phone. What you feed your pet has a big impact on their health, and the Veterinarian proved me wrong, but Nature's Select proved to be the BEST choice for our fur kids!"

-Kimberly Biederman

This company DELIVERS in more ways than one! They deliver right to my door in downtown LA a big bag of food for my Bridget girl! You call, you order, they come. NO delivery fee, good quality dog AND cat food. It sure beats riding my bike to P&P putting 20 lbs in my basket! Now, I get it delivered to ME! Give them a try! Save yourself a trip, I'm all for that! Good prices, service with a smile, dependable and high quality foodies for our pets.

Shannon V. 

Thank you Nature's Select for my nummies! If you haven't checked these guys out you should! They a small wholesome dog food company by Duke's breeder. They WONDERFUL customer service and FREE shipping. - Duke the Great Dane

​This company CALLED ME PERSONALLY to talk about my dog's diet. Impressive.

Marie Dartt-Bentley 

Randi has been on this food since I got her 4 years ago. Wouldn't put her on anything else. She eats better than I do.

Cathy Galloway

"Dogs who eat Nature's Select are happy dogs!" -Megan Kellie

"Growing puppies need higher nutrition, calories and fat. Their Select High Protein recipe is perfect for puppies." -Travis S

Rebecca B. 

Tiden has eaten only Nature's Select since the day we adopted him and he absolutely loves it! Your customer service is fantastic also we couldn't be happier! Thank you!!!

"Alana loves her food! She's been on NS since she was a little look how huge she is! We get compliments all the time on her coat and how active/energetic she is. Wouldn't have her on anything else!"

-Mikey Sanchez

"Deacon is a big boy with a big appetite...and he is satisfied with every meal of Nature's Select food! He licks his bowl clean every single day!" -Heather J.

Mary Alexandra Hicks

Very impressed with your customer service. We're on our second bag of food and I called changing formulas to see if something would help Coco from licking her paws. The lady suggesting eliminating chicken from her diet and that wold send us a bag of the lamb formula, free of charge, to see if that helped. Thank you so much! We started on it last night, mixing it with our old food. Thanks again!

My dogs name is T-Bone he is a Boston Terrier. He is currently 8 months and weighs 20 lbs. He is loving the food! I even use the food as treats. His coat is very shiny and he is very muscular. I heardabout your product through my brother, uncle and my dad, they all use your brand of dog food and had wonderful things to say about your product. When I got my Boston they all told me about you guys and how amazing your food is my dad even bought me my first bag from your store in Escondido. Then I learned you guys had a websiteand could order online. So I bought my second bag online. I am very very happy with your product. Thank you so much!

Rosie Covarrubias

"Huskies LOVE the taste of their Select Cold Water...the salmon & sweet potato flavor is irresistible! And it helps with their digestion, skin & coat issues." 

-Susanne Ferree

"Cooper loves his Nature's Select...even for Sunday Brunch!"

-Erin Pearson