A Healthy & Happy Pet is Our Goal, Easy & Convenient is Our Way,

& Delighted Pet Lovers are the Results!

Chasing tennis balls, watching TV with the kids, or comforting us on the couch – our pets are such an important part of our lives. And they count on us to do the best for them.

Exercise, good vet care, a warm family bond, and excellent nutrition are the keys to your pets’ health and happiness. We’ll support you as you care for your pet – plus a bit extra for just you! See what Nature’s Select can do for you!

Our Services

Expert, Friendly Advice

Understanding what your pet requires nutritionally can be complicated. That’s why we’re here for you. Our Pet Care Experts have helped thousands of families learn exactly what nutrition their pet needs now and for the future. We’ll help you assess your pet’s nutritional requirements and provide you your “guide.” A practical and personalized understanding of your pet and their diet requirements – made easy!

Constant Support

Some pets and their families have been friends of ours for over a decade. That’s because we offer constant support along the way – not just once. We know your pet will love our food, but we know taking care of you is important, too! We strive to make your life easy with convenient shopping and order options. Right from home and on the go! It’s as easy as a couple of clicks and your pet food can be ordered online, by email, phone, text, or our amazing My Pet Food Phone App (coming soon).

Specific, Easy Solutions

These days many dogs have specific problems that require a focused fix. That’s why we’re here for you. The solutions your pet may need may require combinations of natural core nutrition, targeted supplements, healthy products, and simple lifestyle changes for optimal results. With our experienced advisors, we’ve just about seen it all and have many simple suggestions and plans. We are ready and happy to help!

Convenient, Free Delivery

Whether your dog just needs another bag of food in the pantry, or a more complex solution… it’s a great feeling knowing it will be at your front door when you get home. In 1994 we started delivering natural pet nutrition to California dog lovers with our free home delivery service. Since then, thousands of pet lovers nationwide have enjoyed arriving home and their pet food is already there – with free shipping!


Love, love, love the products and the people. 

Kathy M.
Fair Oaks, California

Testimonial Kathy M.

Good quality food you can trust delivered right to your door by friendly people, from a local company run by some of the nicest people on the planet who also support rescue. What more could you ask for?! 

Christina W.
Vacaville, California

Testimonial Christina W.

 From day 1 my two extremely picky pups (a husky and a yorkie) loved loved loved the lamb & rice formula. :) It only took trying out every expensive food at Petco & donating a whole lot of uneaten food to shelters before I discovered Nature’s Select at the Doggie Dash. Now I can barely keep them outta the bag! 

Brittany A.
Elk Grove, California

Testimonial Brittany A.

Great food, great price, great service!  Hard to get all 3 with a company these days! 

Kimberly T.
Elk Grove, California

Testimonial Kimberly T.

Our Bayley & Jazmine have been doing better than ever for the last year while on this food, they don’t even want treats (that      often). LOL :)Thanks Nature’s Select 

Jerry P.
Rancho Cordova, California

Testimonial Jerry P.

Great food and great customer service.

Shannon B.
Elk Grove, California

Testimonial Shannon B.