Darlene C.Carmichael, CA

“Love this company's products and customer service.  We have been using them for about 2 years for 3 picky dachshunds who are also used to home-cooked chicken, brown rice and veggies!  Besides the home cooking which we still do, we purchase the salmon/sweet potato kibble.  The dogs love it.  As soon as I pour it,  I hear crunch, crunch, crunch, as they happily gobble it all! The food is high quality, and where other foods cause occasional skin issues with yeast and dry skin or loose stools, I have seen no issues with this food and their coats and skin are healthy.  The delivery is a fantastic and so is the customer service.  We get emails or phone calls asking us if our supplies are low so we can put in future orders.  We are all extremely happy!”

Teri B.Elk Grove, CA

“Great prices, excellent products and exceptional service!  And, how can you beat free home delivery? I can't thank Tony, Crystal and the staff for all they do to keep me and my dog, Danny, happy!!!!  LOVE Nature's Select!!”

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Tiffany T.Rocklin, CA

“I CANNOT say enough great things about Nature's Select. I have two English Mastiffs who go through MASSIVE amounts of food. Once I changed them to Nature's Select, I noticed them getting fuller faster because the food does not have any fillers in it. They are very happy with the food and the treats and I am SO happy when I come home from work with dog food on my doorstep!!! No more dog food errands for me! NOT TO MENTION they call you for reminders if I'm running low! The customer service is amazing and I love supporting local companies. And did I mention the price??? Not only do they deliver it but it is a very comparable price to the Petsmart/Petco food they were eating before which was so bad for them. My sister switched her senior yellow lab to Nature’s Select and her joints and bowel issues are so much better. I cannot say anymore good things about this company. Spread the WOOF.”

Dr. William C. - Ph.DPollock Pines, CA
"For a month our dog was off Nature's Select and his energy level went down and he didn't enjoy the water as much as normal. Upon returning home we returned to using Nature's Select and noticed the change in just a few days. He's back to running and swimming like a puppy once again! Thank You Nature's Select for an excellent product."
Wendy S.Orangevale, CA

“I have been using Nature’s Select 10 months and my dogs love it. My lab mix had bad gas before I started using it and now he literally never has gas! We are all happy about that!”

Charlie M.Fair Oaks, CA

"First of all, how wonderful is it to support truly a local provider? Good feelings - check. Secondly, in such a busy world, having reminders not just that I've confirmed a purchase, but that 1) my purchase is on it's way (with the name of the delivery person!), 2) a request of where I want the food to be placed (when I was in an apartment, the gentleman asked if I wanted it on my doorstep or at the office... MY CHOICE!)... but it gets better... 3) REMINDER emails adjusted to how much my dogs eat and to suggest a new order! And with the free bag of cookies or $5 off the purchase for being a Constant Kibble participant, how awesome. And, I just troubleshooted with Bethany, a Kibble Specialist, when that nifty reminder email didn't come through. Turns out there was a glitch in the system, which happens, and she fixed me right up, with prompt delivery tomorrow! Thanks a bunch, Nature's Select.”

Dawn B.Lincoln, CA

"Imagine never having to rush out because you were out of dog or cat food.  No more time consuming trips to the big pet or warehouse stores.  Nature's Select has been our quality pet food provider for over five years.  Their products are healthy and their service top notch.  We now don't even think about pet food, it just comes to the door.  When we're getting low, we get a reminder and fill out the easy on-line order form.  This is a well worth it convenience that I find competitively priced with store brand pet foods, but a much healthier alternative.  Our chocolate lab gives them five stars, the cat too!"

Angela W.Roseville, CA

"Tony and Crystal are AMAZING!!!  They are truly your pets BEST friends. They deliver your Pets food right to you and it is not just pet food it is TOP SHELF QUALITY. They are so wonderful I have on a few occasions forgot to call or go online and place four legged babies orders and Crystal will call me. When we first started with Natures Select two years ago they wanted to know everything about all our pets to make sure they were meeting all of our pets needs. Tony is active in the pet community and always gives the Best service. I have always felt so wonderfully spoiled to get such great service and top quality food and treats for all our pets. After a recent back injury I feel so blessed not to have to worry about going to the store lifting and bags of food.. The only thing I had to do was Log on to my laptop or pick up the phone. ABSOLUTELY LOVE TONY AND CRYSTAL from NATURES SELECT!!!"

Colin C.Roseville, CA

I recently received my first bag of Nature's Select Dog Food and I'm very impressed.  Their food is all natural, the ingredients are sourced from the USA only (which means a lot to me) and my dog actually likes it!  I have a picky German Shepherd with skin allergies.  The vet determined he's allergic to both chicken and rice.  So, I switched to a fish and potato formula and 90% of his scratching has gone away.  The fish and potato formula from Natures Select has even more key ingredients than the previous brand I was giving him had and at the same cost.  In addition to the food quality their customer service is excellent and the fact that it's delivered to my door is just awesome.”

Rachael C.Sacramento, CA

“My husband and I found Nature's Select at a green home & garden show about a year or two ago.  I loved their concept, their sales approach, and that the ingredients were of high quality.  They didn't include what many dogs are allergic to - corn products.  Our dogs loved the free samples and I loved the free home delivery so it was a perfect match.  It was a must that we buy one kind of food for both dogs.  The problem is one dog is a lab and the other is a 5 lb chihuahua, so we had to find a food that was a good size for both dogs. Nature's Select meets all our criteria perfectly!

I've been ordering our dog food from them ever since and would never go back to the old routine of making special trips out to the pet store.”
Sue GelberDavis, CA

"I first learned about Nature's Select through Brock's "take-out" bag of donated food on the day we adopted him from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary in Elverta, CA. No more running out of food or all the inconveniences associated with it (we have 4 pets). The best people committed to the best products and exemplary service and pricing. They walk their talk, including their own rescued pets. And they post the best pet photos! Many wishes for continued success, Tony, Crystal & Kibble Staff!”