Pet Summertime Blues

August is like the Sunday of Summer.

Back to school commercials are in full swing and soon enough the kids will be going back to school if they haven’t yet already. The days are long, the weather is hot, and time seems to be moving too fast or not at all. Yep, that sounds like August!

How do you beat the summertime blues for your pet? Here are some ways to enjoy the end of summer together.

Outdoor Exercise 

This may be an obvious one, but spend more time outdoors together! Go to the closest dog park to socialize your pet, take him on long summer evening walks, play fetch on the grass, have a backyard sleepover or run through the sprinklers together. You’ll be amazed at how much you enjoy the August heat when you’re having fun with your furry family member! Check out this helpful website to see a list of dog friendly places in your area. (

DIY Projects 

Nothing’s more fun than having something cool you made yourself, right? Pinterest makes it easy to find anything do-it-yourself including crafts, homemade dog toys, DIY keepsakes and more. Our Pinterest page is full of DIY activities guaranteed to entertain you and your pup for hours on end!

Homemade Treats

Love to bake? Then you NEED to try making some of your own dog treats at home ASAP! There are literally hundreds of homemade treat and biscuit recipes online that your dog will love you for testing out in the kitchen. Personally this “blueberry paws” recipe looks especially appetizing…so much so that we may just try one ourselves (Shhh, don’t tell!)


Soak in those long dog days of summer and warm evenings. Before you know it the leaves will be changing colors and the air will turn crisp- so take it all in as long as you can! Your pet will surely enjoy the memories, too.

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