Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day we remember all Americans who have served our country. While we are very proud of all those who serve in the military and protect our country, we want to take the time to pay respect and honor those who are often forgotten on this day: the members of the U.S. K-9 Corps!

Did you know? 75 years ago, the U.S. Military launched the K-9 Corps in 1942!

Service dogs risk their lives to protect our country every day whether it be on the police force or in the military in battle. These four legged heroes are nothing short of impressive and deserve all of our honor and respect this time of year. You can check out these 5 famous war dogs who have served our country over the years and discover their stories of bravery.

So while the month of May represents all those Americans who have served in the Military, remember to honor the fallen dogs as they are just as important as the brave men and women who have lost their lives protecting us.

May we remember ALL those who have served this country past and present- dogs included

Happy Memorial Day!

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