Dog Party

Happy Election Day!

It’s been a long and trying election season this year. Today is finally the day we vote on our next President of the United States. But have you ever considered what it would be like to have a dog as our next President?

Here is what we imagine…

  1. Unlimited treats for everyone!
  2. Daily walks required by law.
  3. Brand new tennis balls for all dogs.
  4. Monthly park visits for all counties in all states.
  5. Mailman partnerships to develop healthy friendships.
  6. “Who Let The Dogs Out” would become the new National Anthem.
  7. Going to the vet would become something of the past. Same with the groomers.
  8. Low income dogs would receive a complimentary chew toy once a year.
  9. Long naps, play time, exercise and barking would be the new curriculum in all schools.
  10. Lastly, licking and sniffing would be the new norm when introducing yourself. Gooooodbye handshakes!

No matter who you vote for, remember that a dog is not on the ballot (sadly). But until that day comes, happy voting! #DogParty2016 #OneNationUnderDog #Woof

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